Hey everyone, it’s me again, Asha. I hope you all had a great week! I always do! I have some exciting news to share with you! First, please allow me to set three things straight. Here goes:

1. Many people may refer to me as Asha, like Ash’ah. That’s okay but the real way to pronounce my name is, Ah’ sha. We’re cool though, right?

2. Although I am only a character in the Major’s book, (He lets me call him “Major”) my pictures are very real because I am a model.

3. Finally, my sister Miriam is also a character in the Major’s book but she is also very real as are her photos. She is actually an actress.

Whenever you go to https://www.PTSIO.org read our Blogs, and like them, why not reach out to us with your questions, comments, and your own Blogs, writings, pictures, or drawings? We would love to connect and communicate! We promise not to send out emails and newsletters unless you specifically ask for either one. We know exactly how our email accounts get flooded with unwanted spam and stuff so he is not all about that type of advertising.

Now for the exciting stuff! The first three people who respond to our PTSIO.org site with anything: questions, comments, his or her work, even just a “Hi” will win prizes. Here is what you do:

1. Log into PTSIO.org
2. Read about how cool I am and respond with, “I dig Asha” (Hee hee ha ha).
3. The first person to respond will win the Army Brats trilogy-yep all three.
4. The second person to respond will win the first two books.
5. The third person will win the first book only, about how my parents met in Afghanistan while being chased by the evil Taliban. Even to this day, they are still evil! Yikes!

You would just let us know, once notified, whether you want an ebook or hard copy paperback.

Well, looking forward to hearing from you! Until next week!

Bah (as they say here in Tennessee),
Asha Hawkins (One each)

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