Sophomore Poetry

Hey everyone! Asha here. I’ve been extremely busy since school started again.

I’m a sophomore, can you believe it? My parents can’t. They keep telling me to stop growing up so fast. Hee hee, ha ha.

The Major wanted me to tell ya’ll that he is still giving away books. You don’t even have to say, “I dig Asha.” Just indicate your interest. He will give away three books of your choice for the next three readers to respond to my Blog.

So, my Blog today. Um, I want to share a poem with you. I’m in Lit. class and had to do one—so why not share it? Here goes:

I’ll help others see the light
By doing what is right
I’ll be strong and courageous; won’t hide
There is a greater power on our side
No need to be rattled
God will fight our battles
Refrain from war when throwing the dice
Prepare for war with wise advice
The most high is my rock and fortress
My God in whom I trust
My heart has heard you say,
Come and talk with me
And my heart responds
Lord, I am coming
The Kingdom of God is not just talk
It is living by God’s power and my daily walk

I hope you liked it. Until next week ~



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