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 Ron Hawkins is a dedicated, compassionate man who finds his calling in the Army Special Forces. 

Like his father, who served on Delta Force, Ron fights for principle - a cause beyond his personal interest.

But when Ron is sent with his team to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror, he faces a life-changing decision. 

After he rescues the beautiful Afghan girl, Sarah, from a Taliban execution, 

Ron finds out that the girl has her own plans of escaping the war-torn land that is keeping her from living her dream.

Love in the House of War is the epic story of America in the 21st Century, 

told through the lives of a career soldier and his family, spanning the tumultuous war on terror years 

from Afghanistan to Iraq while facing both the Taliban and ISIS head-on. 

It is a modern day tale of the life-and-death struggle of physical and spiritual, good versus evil, in today’s dynamic warfare. 

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A heart & soul devotional with lessons learned for a coming of age soldier entering the military world.

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Amazon Books By Scott Meehan

Millennial Girl

First female Green Beret, Asha Hawkins, follows her father's footsteps into the world of oppression as she fights external human trafficking and her internal personal demons. 

Girl Alone

 Left behind in Iraq by her family, Amal hides as a prisoner in her own home when threatened by strange men night and day. 

Duty Recall

When Major David Allan is the only survivor of a shot down military transport over the Iraqi desert in 2003, he wakes from a three-month the year 1991.

Stone in a Sling

 A coming of age true story of a soldier's twenty-five year military career that spanned a tour in Berlin and three tours to the Middle East. 

Love in the House of War

An Afghan girl, fathered by a Soviet officer finds her dream come true when U.S. Army Special Forces arrive in country following 9/11. 


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Millennial Girl BIO

Real Name

Asha Dawn Hawkins

Place of Birth

Fort Campbell, Kentucky


Claim to Fame

First female Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier


U.S. Army

Special Assignment to the President

Fights Cybernetic Human Trafficking


Ron & Sarah Hawkins


Caleb & Seth Hawkins

Asha's Mission Statement (In her words) PURLS

Protect the Innocent

Unite the Good

Reveal the Truth & Light

Liberate the Oppressed

Stand for Justice & Freedom

Marital Status



Military Academy at West Point


Medical Cyber-Technology

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel-Predominately either green or brown, depending on contact lens

Hair: Light Brown, but often changeable




Asha Hawkins is the Millennial Girl. After graduating from the Military Academy at West Point in 2024, Asha volunteers for the elite Special Forces (SF), attempting to become the first female “Green Beret.” Nearing  successful completion of the fifth and final Phase of the SF qualification course, Asha meets real life resistance that was not part of the training.  

Critically injured during a five-man assault, Asha’s life is saved by a specialized team of surgeons led by Dr. Harold Roberts who surgically implants cybernetic-bionic enhancements. Besides her previous Jujitsu and language skills, Asha is now gifted with amplified strength, endurance and mobility enabling her to run at speeds exceeding 45 miles per hour at great distances. Ongoing experimental treatments have nearly stopped her aging process with electromagnetically boosting of her immune system. She was ceremoniously awarded the coveted Green Beret by the President of the United States in 2025.


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