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Have you ever wanted to tell the world your story? Or have you simply wanted to leave a legacy behind for your family? Start changing how you feel about yourself and your accomplishments in life. As a retired Army veteran of twenty-five years and a published author of ten books, I will help you reach your writing goals and help you through the writing process from the beginning to the end... when YOUR story is published! Whether you have a true story to tell about your experiences, or something you would like to share to help others or simply would like to write a fictional novel, I can help you. It's all about you and you telling your story no matter what it is.      


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 My first published book was co-authored with Pastor Robb Hawks. This unique blend of storytelling is as relevant today as it was twelve years ago when it was written.

About the book:

Jason Scott is like you and me, just a regular guy trying to find his way in life. What he does not know is that he has become a player in an ancient conflict that is as old as the universe itself. Raised as a missionary kid in Colombia, South America, his life is mysteriously interlaced with Hector, one of the most feared terrorists of the Twentieth Century. This deadly conflict threatens to envelop everyone around him . . . especially all of those he loves. Working behind the scenes is Erale Mishmawr, an ancient Guardian who must use wisdom and cunning to outmaneuver a more powerful and ruthless adversary. The Prince of Babylon presents a unique insider's perspective on global events of the latter half of the Twentieth Century as it transforms into the 21st Century. Your view of normal everyday life will be changed forever.



My Autobiography was my first solo self-published book, later published by iUniverse. It is an in-depth narrative about my twenty-five-year career in the U.S. Army as both an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer.

About the book:


What do the jungles of South America, the Russians in Berlin, and the deserts of the Middle East have in common?

Stone in a Sling is the real-life story of a modern soldier. Serving from 1980 to 2005, Scott Meehan was what is known colloquially as a Maverick or a Mustang; a soldier who started out as an enlisted man and later became an officer. With an amazing career that spans 25 years, he rose from the ranks of a Private E1 to Major. During his tenure he saw more than his share of amazing events - from surviving a terrorist attack in Colombia to meeting the girl of his dreams in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador.


In this intriguing and insightful memoir, the former American military intelligence officer goes beyond traditional Cold War espionage tales to tell about his encounters with the Soviets in East Berlin, interrogations with Iraqi prisoners during Desert Storm, the internal struggle to get better armor for troops during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and how relationships with the Iraqi people ultimately led to the capture of Saddam Hussein.

This is truly a military experience that you will not want to miss.



Duty Recall is my first solo novel, a Time Travel story focusing on the "What If?" I often wondered how things would have turned out if I had made the "other" choice.

About the book:

 In December of 2003, an Air Force jet carrying 96 soldiers home for Christmas Leave from the war in Iraq is shot down in the desert. There is only one survivor. Waking up after being in a three-month coma, Major David Allan sees his wife Sherry at his side. But miraculously, she appears at least ten years younger. As events unfold around him and in the news, he shockingly realizes that he is back in the year 1991.

Stumped for an explanation, he sees the '90s decade unfold just as he remembered them. Having great insight on the events that are about to happen, he knows full well who will win the next twelve years of World Series, Super Bowls, and which investments could make him rich. Leveraging this knowledge, he opens a new account under an assumed name so that he may profit from this advanced knowledge.

But Major Allan also remembers the darker events that are fast approaching. There is Hurricane Andrew in 1992, followed by the failed Somalian raid in 1993, and most horrifically; the day of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Finding himself at a moral crossroads, the Major faces the possibility of stopping the terrifying events that are due to unfold on that spring day in Oklahoma...or change the course of history forever. 



My one and only military-romance novel about a Green Beret soldier and a girl from Afghanistan. This book was contracted with Tate Publishing under my pen name. It also launched a five-book series seaming its way through three generations.

About the book:

 9/11 shocks the world and U.S. Special Forces soldiers are sent to Afghanistan for retribution! When a young girl named Sarah hears that the Americans are coming to her country, she dreams of escaping her war-torn land for a paradise far away. Will she stop at nothing to have an American soldier fall in love with her?

After rescuing Sarah from a Taliban execution, Special Forces medic, Ron Hawkins escapes into the harsh Hindu Kush Mountains with her, fleeing from the enemy. Separated from his team, the two seek their way back to the American forces with the Taliban on their trail.

A multi-cultural romance in the midst of battle results in honor, danger, and survival. 



The sequel to "Love In The House Of War" features a multi-cultural military family. Facing the perils at home when a soldier is deployed, the storyline switched back and forth between the family left behind and the soldier on the front line. Written under a pen name, this was published originally with Tate Publishing. The title had been changed twice, most recently to "Desert Rock." However, the original title will resume for 2020.

About the book:

 From the front page headlines comes a story of intrigue! Untangling America's deep-state involvement in the Middle East with ISIS, Syria, Russia, and a host of other players is no easy task for Special Forces Master Sergeant Ron Hawkins. What do all of these countries have in common? A female agent whose true allegiance remains a mystery. While Ron's family anxiously waits at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the web of deceit and danger grows deeper for Hawkins. 



The third book in the family saga features Asha Hawkins, the daughter of Ron and Sarah, the Green Beret and the Afghan girl. After finishing at the top of her class at West Point, she shocks the military establishment by volunteering for Special Forces to be like her father. If she makes it, she will be the first woman to do so.

About the book:

 The year is 2025 and the U.S. Government is at the leading edge of robotic technology. Their humanoid prototype warrior is the first woman Green Beret who was critically injured during training. A top team of cybergenetic surgeons saves the life of Asha Hawkins and plant remarkable enhanced abilities that surpass that of any human being. Sent on a Top Secrect mission by the POTUS himself, Asha hunts down the Human Traffic Cartel behind the kidnapping of six young girls, who just happen to be daughters of Washington's elites. When Asha discovers that they are being replicated for Human Trafficking, she must get inside the network and fight their humanoid champion, Cyrix...to the end. 



 My first devotional that is a coming of age, young adult spiritual theme. This book won the non-fiction book of the year in 2017 from the readers voting in the "Turning The Pages" publication.

About the book

A coming of age devotional for young adults from the author of "Stone In A Sling. Scott Meehan attended 13 schools in his 12 years from around the country and in Latin America. When it was over, the son of a missionary jungle pilot joined the U.S. Army. The story chronicles a young man adrift in the world and struggling to find direction. With a loving nudge from his father, Scott gives it his all in becoming an Airborne paratrooper and striving to become a Green Beret. After completing the first two phases, Scott travels to the Amazon jungle of Ecuador and meets Trena. Shortly afterward, he marries her and when their first child on the way, Scott changes course. But even after settling into the family life, there are new challenges - coming face-to-face with a Russian KGB agent, four tours to war in the Middle East, becoming an officer, retirement transition, and a diagnosis of PTSD. .



An insightful book about the plight of an Iraqi refugee based on a true story. The revised version contains a surprising outcome that includes the killing of  Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian General.

About the book

 Towards the end of his career, Major Scott Meehan wants nothing more than to finish his tour in Iraq and return home in one piece to retire from his 25-year military service. But when the people of the country his Army invaded look to him for hope and a chance of having peace, he puts his heart and soul into building trust through compassion and care while doing everything in his power to bring that hope and peace to their lives. Yet, the stakes are deadly for the ones who are seen befriending and helping an American soldier.

Years later, the daughter of an Iraqi translator leaves Baghdad International on the day that Iranian General Qassem Soleimani arrives and is taken out by a Hellfire missile shot from an MQ-9 (Grim) Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle. 



This is my first Fantasy book. While Asha Hawkins is in a coma (Millennial Girl) her spiritual self wakes up in The Quantum Zone. A first-person account of this unique   


About the book

 In the year 2025, Lieutenant Asha Hawkins has just graduated from West Point. Bucking the system, she volunteers for the Special Forces qualification course to become the first woman ever to wear the vaunted green beret. Before starting the course, her father, Ron Hawkins, gives her a crystal marble and tells her to keep it with her at all times…that it is a good luck charm. During the final portion of the course, Asha encounters a real-world ambush by a group of men who were given orders to stop her from advancing. Taken to an isolated shack, her captors beat her severely, leaving her in a coma. When Asha wakes up, she is in a different world, a place unbound from linear time. There, she is met by Major David Allan who welcomes her to The Quantum Zone, a place of reality beyond what is perceivable to her mind, body, and soul. 



This is an Anthology of short stories and poetry from independent authors from all walks of life. A sweet blend of many genres from writers of all ages, including the young.

About the book

 Pulp Fiction (not the movie) originated during the first half of the 20th century because the magazines were printed on cheap "pulp" paper. Featuring diverting fiction for the general entertainment of large audiences, the pulp fiction era provided an environment for creative talent that influenced all forms of entertainment for decades to come.

The 21st Century Pulps features a different class of creative writing with short stories and poetry submitted by Indie Authors of the 21st Century. Just as many authors got their start in the pulp magazines before becoming great writers, such as Ray Bradbury, for example, there are multitudes of current Indie authors, less well-known today, that have another chance to form popular fiction.

New details have emerged from today’s social, technological, and historical developments that make the stories found in 21st Century Pulps the new era reading entertainment with stories that continue to offer action-packed adventure, lively or thought-provoking heroes and heroines that promotes lead female characters and multi-cultural stories of global diversity in today’s world.

Enjoy your exploration into this vast world of 21st Century Pulps fiction! 

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