Veteran author writes Amazon books. Major (Ret.) Scott A. Meehan writes books—non-fiction, fiction novels, novellas, and short stories. With twenty-five years of military service and an additional twelve years traveling the world growing up as a missionary kid, Scott’s writings reflect his experiences from a world-wide diverse culture. Exciting, real-life multi-cultural characters emerge in a dynamic world of good versus evil through romance, intrigue, mystery, and suspense.

​Young Adult (YA) and military veteran readers can identify with the coming of age themes of men, women and their families—when a father, mother, sister, or brother are deployed across the globe in harm’s way. Readers can relate to the challenges faced overseas and at home when separated from a loved one while facing such perils as war, human trafficking, famine, disasters, and many other dangers. Through his writings, Scott offers hope in a world of despair; light in places of darkness.  

Proceeds from his book sales will go to three non-profit organizations beginning December 2017.

Real testimonials

"All I Could Be" is a hidden gem. Don't miss this personal story from a U.S. Army vet who served from 1980-2005. I’m not one to slog through books of military battles or history so I was a bit leery to begin “All I Could Be”. Once I started I could not put it down. Each posting, each story, each adventure runs from fascinating to holy cow! I imagine this behind-the-scenes book would be just as interesting to hard-core military junkies as it was to me."

"The personal bits about his wife and children add a whole other dimension to this soldier’s biography. It’s a real deal kind of story lived and written by an old school American, the kind that makes us proud."

Take Action


Take Action

Children of Fallen Patriots

10% of book sales from STONE IN A SLING, ALL I COULD BE, and CROSSROADS will go to Children of Fallen Patriots beginning December 2017

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST)

10% of book sales from MILLENNIAL GIRL and MILLENNIAL GIRL Comics will go to Faith Alliance Against Slavery ans Trafficking (FAAST) beginning December 2018.

Mainstream Orlando

10% of book sales from DUTY RECALL, LOVE IN THE HOUSE OF WAR, and THE HAWKING: ARMY OF ONE will go to Mainstream Orlando -Youth beginning December 2018.

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