American Storyteller & Army Veteran SCOTT A. MEEHAN

Scott A. Meehan-Army Veteran
Scott A. Meehan-Army Veteran
  • Prince of Babylon

    Scott's first writing and published book was co-authored with Pastor Robb Hawks. Two years after retiring from the U.S. Army, Scott integrated his Army experience with a theological fantasy involving the spirit world of angels and demons...and the connection between the Old Testament book of Daniel and current events of the War on Terror. 

    Stone in a Sling: A Soldier's Journey

    One year after finishing PRINCE OF BABYLON, Scott went solo for his first published book depicting his true life experiences as a twenty-five year Army veteran, from his early Special Forces training in 1980, through marriage, kids, three years in Berlin and an encounter with the KGB to his last three years in Iraq.

    Duty Recall

    DUTY RECALL is Scott's first novella, a time travel fiction about a soldier reliving the nineties and making historical altering decisions. Often,  when one completes a career, he or she may reflect and wonder, "What if?" In this case, Major David Allan returning home for Christmas Leave from Iraq, faces more than he could ever imagine after being the only survivor of a downed troop transport. A surprising ending and a mysterious girl.

    Love in the House of War

    In 2013, Scott wrote a military romance novella set in war-torn Afghanistan. After 9/11, the U.S. Army Special Forces arrived in the mountainous region to fight the Taliban forces led by Al-Qaeda. When a young Afghan nurse, Sarah, helped the Americans, she is slotted for a gruesome execution by the Taliban, Special Forces medic, Ron Hawkins comes to the rescue with an escape through the Hindu Kush Mountains...where the two find love...and a special announcement at the end.

    Flame in Paradise

    One year later, in 2014, Scott wrote the sequel to Love in the House of War where Green Beret, Ron Hawkins is now married with three kids...the oldest, his daughter Asha. While his family waits anxiously for his safe return home, Ron embarks on a Top Secret mission back to Iraq where he comes face-to-face with ISIS fighters...and a devious female CIA agent, whose true identity remains hidden in this tangled web of intrigue involving Russia, USA, Syria, and a host of other nations. 

    Love in the House of War - The novel

    In 2018, Scott signed a contract with Creativia Publishing and his two novellas combined as part one and two in this full novel. At the very end of part one, Ron's wife, Sarah Hawkins, reveals she will have a baby. In part two, eleven-year-old Asha Hawkins turns twelve and is a tough little "Black Belt", full of grit as "Daddy's girl" who does her best to hold her life together in the face of his absence. 

    Millennial Girl

    Asha Hawkins comes of age in this thriller novel set in 2025 AD. Published in 2015, Asha graduates from the Military Academy at West Point before following the footsteps of her father to become the first female Special Forces officer. After a near fatal encounter with those who did not wish for her successful completion of all five phases, Asha overcomes her inner demons and finds herself on special top secret assignment by the President hunt down the world's leading human trafficking kingpin whose ties go deep into the pockets of world leaders...including Asha's own leaders. This is the first of the next five books where Scott has designed his own book covers. 


    After a one year break from writing, Scott returned by publishing a coming of age devotional derived from his personal experiences. This short inspirational book won the 2017 Book of the Year for the non-fiction category as voted by the readers of TURNING THE PAGES publication. 

    Cold War in Berlin

    Also during the year 2017, Scott wrote another short story based on his real life experience during the Cold War in Berlin. Descriptive accounts of a car chase from the dark back streets of East Berlin make this suspenseful read a nail biter.

    Girl Alone

    Another short story published in 2017, this book exposes the dangers faced by Iraqi refugees who were left behind in Iraq to face their own fate...after helping the American forces during the eight-year Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign. Scott unfolds a story of one such, young Iraqi girl who seeks nothing more than a life with her family who made it safely to the United States of America.  


    Just released in July 2018, THUNDERBIRD is both a short story and part one of a novel as the sequel to MILLENNIAL GIRL. Asha Hawkins tells her story in first person after her experience in the Quantum Zone, a place without time and where her inner demons have become...physical demons she must fight in battle. Asha is not alone in this Fantasy thriller...but is met by her new mentor, Major David Allan, from DUTY RECALL. 

    Millennial Girl (Comic Book)

    Teaming with Davina Kinney and Vimarie Perez, Scott has launched a comic book line (SaM Comics / ViVi Arts), a project featuring Asha Hawkins. The #1 issue is due for a Fall release on October 1, 2018. For more on Asha's character, please see the Home page for her Bio.