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This page contains my personal blogs as well as "Asha Ramblins", which are blogs from one of my primary characters. So prepare for a mix of my actual experiences and a perspective from an Army Brat (although fictional) whose father has left the family behind to deploy overseas in the name of American freedom.

About Asha's Ramblins'

Asha Hawkins (Army Brat)

Asha Hawkins first appeared in the novella, FLAME IN PARADISE and THE HAWKINS: ARMY OF ONE. Now, you can read about her in part 2 of LOVE IN THE HOUSE OF WAR as the eleven-turn-twelve year-old daughter of Ron and Sarah Hawkins. The feisty Karate Black Belt tween quickly becomes one of the primary characters in the Hawkins family. Beginning her own MILLENNIAL GIRL series, Asha comes of age and is the first female to complete all five phases of the Special Forces training to earn her Green Beret in the year 2025. Sent on the most dangerous missions like her father did before her, Asha fights the world-wide epidemic of Human Trafficking. Enjoy her Ramblins' during her teenage years at Fort Campbell, Kentucky as an Army Brat.

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