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Seeking Beta Readers for upcoming novels. The titles are:

1. Escondido– A Teen/Young Adult Mystery set in 1973 Costa Rica during the Cold War era.

2. One By One – A Military mystery set in the wilderness between Iran and Iraq towards the end of the Iraqi War.

3. Stardusk– A historical fiction story about a young Indian scout (female) who fought with Major/Colonel George Washington during the French and Indian War.

4. Silence In Heaven – An Apocalyptic thriller of a biological virus wiping out the human race while humanoids prepare to replace them (Note: This story began last year, prior to the coronavirus).

If you are interested in becoming a beta reader for any one of these books, usually the first four chapters, please IM or email me for further details. My email is 

scott.a.meehan@gmail.comInformation will soon be available on


Now Available!



The 21st Century Pulps is a completed project that was designed to promote today's indie authors from all genres. 

Ethical standards are as follows:

 We do not accept books that promote, encourage or glorify: intolerance, racism, pedophilia, domestic violence, rape culture, xenophobia, or violence against children or minorities. 


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Sign up to be a Beta Reader here. You can also submit your short stories or poetry to:!

3441 Paisley Circle Orlando, FL 32817 US

(407) 446-6842

Open today

09:00 am – 05:00 pm


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