American Storyteller & Army Veteran SCOTT A. MEEHAN

Millennial girl - A TIME TRAVEL SERIES

The Millennial Girl series begins with two American soldiers from different time periods who come together in the Quantum Zone. Together, they travel through time in hopes of setting the course of history in the right direction. A lithium-based crystal marble, found in western Afghanistan, is key to time travel...and their survival, while forces of evil from within their own government on earth and the evil forces from the 

Quantum Zone seek their end.  



In 2003, a female soldier approaches Major David Allan and gives him a crystal marble, telling him that he must keep it with him at all times. When he goes on Christmas Leave from Balad, Iraq, the C-5 Air Force jet is shot down in  the wasteland of Iraq…and he is the only survivor. After being in a three-month coma, David wakes up in a hospital bed at Walter Reed, his wife, Sherry, looking much younger than when he left for the war zone, at his side. Along with the television shows, news magazines, and the 

general talk, David realizes that the year is 1991. 

History is on track just as David remembers it so he takes on a fictitious 

name and account to gain wealth through investments and betting on 

Super Bowl and World Series winners at Vegas. Life is flowing 

smoothly until he remembers that the anniversary of the Oklahoma City 

bombing is about to take place. Faced with the decision to save 

lives or change the course of history, David tries to warn the FBI without 

implicating himself of the upcoming disaster.

On a vacation in Aruba with Sherry, the mysterious girl returns…with the crystal marble, then walks out into the sea. When David tries to follow her, he discovers the unexpected that takes hold in a reality beyond what is perceptible to his mind, body, and soul.

Book 2 - The Quantum Zone


In 2025 AD, Lieutenant Asha Hawkins graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Bucking the system, she volunteers for the Special Forces Qualification Course to become the first female “Green Beret.” Before starting the course, her father, Ron Hawkins, gives her a crystal marble necklace and tells her to wear it at all times.  

During the last portion of Phase V, Asha encounters a real ambush by a group of men who were given orders to stop her from finishing the course. Taken to an isolated shack, her captors beat her severely, putting her in a comatose state. 

When Asha wakes up, she is in a different world, one without a time continuum. There, she is met by Major David Allan who welcomes her to The Quantum Zone, a place of reality beyond what is perceptible to the human mind, body, and soul.

David trains Asha for a mission back on earth and in the Quantum Zone where she must first face the demonic and hideous Portal Guardians in a battle to the finish. 

During the training period, David and Asha fall in love...a timeless and 

endless love beyond historical dimensions.

Book 3 - ASHA


Lieutenant Asha Hawkins, returns to earth from The Quantum Zone.  

When Human Trafficking has flourished in epidemic proportions, the 

President of the United States (POTUS) himself sends the first female 

Green Beret to the Middle East for a Top Secret mission. Asha recruits 

Rachel, her assigned Secret Service bodyguard and former Marine V-22 

Osprey pilot. With them is Rachel’s younger sister 

Jericha,  a cyberpunk hacker. 

Their target? The diabolical cartel leader, Stan Smith, 

former head of the secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 

(DARPA) using human traffic victims in experimental humanoid replication. 

Smith crosses the line when the teenage daughter of the President's 

personal Secret Service agent goes missing. Now, Asha must go 

undercover into a ruthless underworld of human traffickers, cyber-criminals, 

and humanoids, in a deep-state operation involving 

upper level global government officials…including those from her 

own nation, all who will stop at nothing to protect their darkest secrets. 

In the end, another internal betrayal overcomes Asha because…she holds a deep secret, a secret that would not only change the course of history, but those who hold the power to control World affairs. Asha holds the secret to…time travel. 



The Revolution


In 1776, when the future of the American colonies looked promising, 

there was a plot to assassinate General George Washington that would

 have changed the course of American history. When their husbands, sons, 

brothers, and fathers took up arms, women served as the eyes and ears 

for military leaders, providing invaluable intelligence information 

throughout the war. 

Allied with the British cause, a mysterious woman spy known as Stardusk, 

emerges within Washington's inner circle. Used as a secret agent by his 

commanders, Stardusk gathered vital intelligence for the Colonies, not 

suspecting that she was a double agent for the Crown. 

A female double-agent and assassin was rare during the 18th century...

unless  she was from the future in the Quantum Zone and possessed the 

lithium-based crystal marble holding the secret to time travel.  

When Asha Hawkins returns to the Quantum Zone from her mission

 against Smith Cybernetics, Major David Allan is waiting for her with a 

shocking revelation...their daughter has been deceived by the enemy and 

was led to believe that the American General, George Washington, was a 

rebel fighting against loyal Christian forces of the Crown. 

Sent back to the late 18th Century, Stardusk believes she is on a 

mission from assassinate George Washington.

David and Asha race against time in a timeless world to fight past the 

Portal Guardians and travel back to 1776...hoping to arrive in time to 

stop their daughter from killing America's first president...or die trying. 


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